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Why Choose Us

1. We at RIW are in a position to finish our client’s order (only ready products &;amp; common sizes) within a single day at our Godown. If our clients have any requirement of some special products that aren&;#39;t readily available then we will require time consistent with the merchandise.

2. As per customers’ requirement, we are additionally Providing Door Delivery Facility to their clients within India at an actual cost of shipment with a minimum time of delivery.

3. RIW sells genuine quality products to their clients. But customers can always contact us if they face any issues or faults in our product, we will take required action immediately. If required, company will also send their engineers at sight to unravel the matter and also if required RIW will replace that product and provide an equivalent new product to their esteemed clients within 72 working hours.

4. As per customers’ requirement, we also provide Test Certificates of High Tensile &;amp; Stainless Steel material products.

5. RIW’s employees ensure expertise while packing to minimize the risk of damages. We use fresh Jute/Plastic Bags in packing which protects them from damages through Hooks &;amp; Weather while transportation.

6. RIW always mentions Purchase Order Numbers &;amp; Road Permit Numbers (if any) on Bills through which it&;#39;s easy for our clients to take care of their records.

7.You can contact us any time at RIW’s office address or at the company’s contact numbers or on Whatsapp. RIW is always ready to solve their customer’s query or to take orders